About the Opportunity


RV Squad offers an innovative pay-as-you-go solution. Using a proprietary inspection framework, RV Squad empowers inspectors to provide the utmost value to RV owners, dealers, service centers, buyers and sellers. 

Not a Franchise

Unlike a franchise, RV Squad's license requires no capital outlay and does not bind its licensees to a long-term contract.

No Restrictions

There are no restrictions on where you operate, how you operate, the services you sell and the suppliers you use.

Total Independence

Flexible nature of our business model lets licensees introduce changes to every aspect of the business, without any interference.

Total Flexibility

The RV Squad license does not restrict you. You have absolute flexibility to respond to the market and make the business grow as you see fit.

No Binding Contract

The terms are very simple. You can terminate the contract whenever desired.

Become a RV Squad licensee today and expand your horizons!

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